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Cloud: Strategic Thinking on the Cloud

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Join Tech Monitor’s editorial team for the Tech Leaders Club, convening the C-suite of technology leadership. We invite you to share experiences and challenges with your peers as we explore strategies for gathering, cleaning and connecting data – and what this means for supercharging your transformation efforts.

Cloud: Strategic Thinking on the Cloud

The cloud makes up an ever-growing proportion of IT spend and, for many organisations, it is the presumptive future of IT. How can IT leaders ensure their organisation’s long term interests are protected in the cloud choices they make today? Join your tech leadership peers for a forward-looking discussion on cloud management.

Topics for discussion include:

  • SaaS integration
  • Hybrid, multi- or single cloud?
  • Data sovereignty
  • Effective cloud spend management

About the Tech Leaders Club

The number of technology-related roles at C-level has grown in response to the increasing strategic significance of technology. Once the sole preserve of CIOs, tech leadership now includes digital and cybersecurity officers, data analysts, transformation and change experts, and specialists in cloud computing and user experience. The Tech Leaders Club gathers this technology C-suite quarterly to discuss the most pressing issues and themes shaping their roles and businesses. Club editions comprise a combination of informal networking and at-table discussion, and all editions take place under the Chatham House rule. We aim to facilitate lively, candid peer-group discussion, and explore proven strategies and tactics to tackle major challenges.

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